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Our Strategies to Ensure Your Success:

Team Approach

We believe in TEAM. Our team works together to ensure you achieve your goals.

Movement Specialists

Movement is medicine. HOW YOU MOVE MATTERS!

Using our movement analysis process we will identify the "weak links" in your movement and use corrective exercise to teach you HOW to move better. We'll put you in the driver's seat to reaching your full potential now and into all future endeavors.

Innovative Experts

Our dedicated, highly educated, and compassionate team share a drive to achieve excellence. We never quit learning and take a personal responsibility for helping you attain success. We're industry leaders and use an evidence-based, innovative and progressive approach to analyzing and fixing movement.

It's a natural instinct for our experts to consider the big picture and think of your future when planning your treatment. Getting to the cause of the problem and working tirelessly to restore function while also preventing future recurrence is what we do.

Continuum of Care

You can access our system through physical therapy, sport performance or medical fitness services and you'll hear consistent messaging from our team. This continuity reinforces key messages critical to your success, empowers you to take control of your outcomes, and allows our team to move you seamlessly through our programs based on your unique needs.

Comprehensive Approach

We don't simply treat the symptoms, we treat the whole person. It starts with a dedication to understanding your unique history, current needs and future goals. We provide one-on-one care and customize every treatment plan to you;one size does not fit all when it comes to client programs. We're committed to providing you the most cost effective and efficient solution to unlocking your full potential.

Education is Power

You play a critical role in your success. We'll educate you about your injury, your body, your movement and/or your performance barriers to ensure you understandwhy your problem occurred, how the corrective program we prescribe will resolve the underlying cause, and how to prevent similar problems from recurring in the future.

Through education, the care you receive at CORE lasts longer than your final session in our facility. We empower our clients to create positive change in their life, health, and performance.

A Company You can Trust

Service is our product and your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Our success hinges on the trust of our clients. We're proud our business is built on client-driven referrals.

Your trust in referring your friends and family is the ultimate validation that we're accomplishing our mission.


Top Physical Therapists in Overland Park, KS 2015
Congratulations to CORE Strategies Physical Therapy for winning the 2015 Patients' Choice Awards in Overland Park Physical Therapist
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