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Steps to reaching your fitness goals:

Find Your "Weak Links"

We will screen how you move to identify "weak links" throughout your body that are increasing your risk for injury or decreasing your performance during functional or sport activities. This testing process allows your trainer to develop a program customized to meet your movement needs and specific fitness goals.

Train Your "Weak Links"

Knowlege is power! Our movement specialists will discuss your results with you and explain what your high risks, low risks and assets are. Knowing these performance markers is what allows our specialists to design an exercise program that will target your specific "weak links".

Once your results have been analyzed, our movement specialists will recommend a training package that will help you reach your goals and decrease your risk of injury. Our training packages offer a variety of different options all designed with you in mind.

The focus of these private sessions will not only be to build strength but, to create new & more efficient movement patterns in the brain. Training the brain to control proper movement is the KEY to your success in everything you do! This is what makes us different from all other forms of exercise. It's not just CAN you move, but HOW you move that matters!

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