Sport Performance

CORE Cycling Program

Enhance Performance: What separates the best from everyone else? In cycling it could only be fractions of a second! Our cycling screen is designed to help give recreational and elite athletes the competitive edge they're looking for. When the body is moving and breathing efficiently, personal bests arise.  

Prevent Injury: Are you suffering from hip pain, ITB syndrome, back pain, shoulder pain, etc.? Are you constantly using ice, foam rollers and other tools to manage pain? Why not find out what the underlying problem ("weak link") is with our Movement Screens? 

Steps to Maximize Your Performance

1. Cycling Screening

Use movement analysis technology to identify your unique movement impairments and find out your cycling performance score. Revolutionize how you train! 

2. Private Training Sessions

Specificity Works! Now that we have identified your specific impairments through our Cycling Screen, CORE is able to create a custom exercise program that will only include exercises that you need to prevent pain/injury and help you excel.

Change Your Body, Change Your Mind

Rather than start with sport specific training and encounter the barrier of your muscle memory, we change the movement pattern first and integrate it into sport later. This allows us to improve your movement efficiency and avoid unnecessary stress on muscles and joints.

  • Improve coordination & alignment in 4-6 weeks.
  • Improve strength in 12 weeks.

3.  Sport Integration

Take your new assets to the road to unlock your potential for improved technique. We'll collaborate with your pro to change the way you ride. 

HOW you move matters!

What Makes the CORE Cycling Program Different
" Insanity: doing the same thing over & over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

I'm already working with my cycling pro: Your cycling pro helps you with cycle specific technique but, if you have an underlying movement restriction or muscle imbalance you may hit a plateau with technique training. When the body encounters an impairment like a restriction or muscle imbalance it must deviate it's path of movement to compensate. These compensations effect the accurancy and timing of your race. CORE will fix your underlying impairments so you can easily integrate the coaching technique given to you by your cycling pro. 

I'm already working out at the gym: Length and strength is only one piece of the puzzle. Most fitness programs focus on these two elements alone. Finding the right exercises for your impairments encompasses more than just length and strength, we will help you find the missing piece. 

I already have an exercise program: It's not about how many exercises you do, but making sure the exercises you choose are the right ones for you. Often, our clients find the exercises they chose either didn't address their impairments or in fact reinforced their impairments. In any movement, the brain has many options for muscle recruitment. Not all options coincide with optimal sport technique. We'll help you train the best option for you.  

Learn how professional athletes worlwide are leading the way to changing how they train.

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