Physical Therapy

Advanced Treatment Services

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Diagnosis Specific Manual Therapy for all Spine and Extremity Ailments

We offer individualized and specific treatment of orthopedic ailments using the most up to date treatment strategies. We are experts in the treatment of acute or chronic spinal pain, radiculopathy, and movement dysfunctions resulting in reoccurring inflammatory syndromes.

Sports Rehabilitation & Sport Performance Enhancement

We provide rehabilitation, biomechanical assessment and sport specific performance enhancement training for both professional and recreational athletes. We're experts in movement assessment and training for the unique needs of dance, golf, running, cycling and tennis. Especially important to us is our commitment to youth athletes who have unique training considerations compared to their adult peers.  It 's imperative that youth athletes get quality care in order to put them on the path to a lifetime of movement health and sport success.  Injury prevention programs like our ACL prevention program are critical pieces of success for youth athletes. 

Aquatic Therapy

We utilize pool therapy as needed to assist in your rehabilitation process. It can be a wonderful tool to unload your body, decrease the stress and strain on painful tissues, and facilitate pain free movement.

Post Surgical Rehabilitation Program

We offer post surgical exercise therapy with progression as prescribed by your physicians. We also offer pre-operative exercise instruction to establish appropriate home exercise and expedite recovery after surgery.

Neurological Rehabilitation Program

We provide comprehensive evaluation, hands on manual therapy, functional mobility training, and strengthening to address the orthopedic needs of patients post neurological injury.

Headache Program

We provide effective treatment of cervicogenic, cluster, and tension headaches. Cervicogenic headaches are common after whiplash injuries. Identification and treatment of these will decrease symptoms, improve local cervical muscle stability post event and decrease patient’s risk of reoccurring neck pain.  

Temporomandibular Dysfunction (TMJ Pain)

We utilize our orthopedic and movement training expertise to decrease temporomandibular dysfunction by identifying myofascial, articular and postural dysfunctions contributing to your TMJ symptoms. Often the TMJ pain population can fall through the cracks, but at CORE we can help you take back control of your situation. We also collaborate with a variety of other health and dental professionals as needed to restore your pain free function. 

Occupational Medicine Program

We provide effective and efficient research based treatment strategies to expedite a patient’s return to work while maintaining open lines of communication with the medical and case management staff. We also offer ergonomic analysis and injury prevention workshops to employers.