Here's what our patients are saying!

I'm a 76 year old retired male and have been going to CORE for 9 weeks. I had doubts that therapy would help when I started, but I am truly surprised and appreciative of the results. My life has improved so much since I've started therapy. My therapist has been so good to work with. I am much more active around the house and in my shop. I am out of back pain and do my exercises regularly. I sleep better, walk better and I'm getting stronger every day. My wife says that I am a happier person.    - Billy L. 

I am so grateful that the front office picked up the phone at Core Strategies, and helped me to figure out my first steps in recovery with such a cheerful and accommodating demeanor. It put me at ease, and made me decide to give Core Strategies a try!

I was at my wits end, trying to figure out why I kept having reoccurring back pain for no apparent reason. I was an avid exerciser, young, and in the normal weight range. I didn't understand why the least movement could set off so much pain in my lower back.

My therapist has been such an amazing blessing for me. She has not only helped me to diagnose, but to treat my back pain in a very effective manner. Her weekly exercise printouts were very helpful in my daily physical therapy program...the descriptions helped me to remember the exercise, and her visual cues were always spot in in helping me to target the right muscles! I really felt like she helped me to progress very quickly. Most of all, she was very good about always making sure the exercise was within my comfort range but also challenging. I was able to begin the healing process with little to no pain, and I was soon progressing to more advanced exercises. Soon, she had me targeting all my problem muscle groups in very creative exercise plans for both home, and the gym. What I also really loved about our sessions was that my therapist helped me to understand which parts of my body were not working properly, where my muscular imbalances lay, and how that was causing my pain. It was empowering for me to be able to understand what was happening with my body, and how the exercises were helping me to work towards a healthy and efficient body again.

My sessions in the performance program were fantastic in helping me to incorporate my new-found knowledge and work from my sessions with my movement specialist in a workout program that I will be able to continue in the future. Her printed exercise plans were something that I could take with me to the gym in my weekly workouts. She went over each exercise with me, helping me to understand and incorporate correct form. I loved being able to be challenged in creative ways. Her exercises not only helped me to continue my physical therapy recovery, but also gave me great material for a healthier and active future!

I'm very grateful for my experience at Core Strategies...I've been able to enjoy a much healthier and more stress free life without worrying about reoccurring injuries.  - Angela D.

Dana H.

Services: Physical Therapy

Dana came to CORE as a last resort after being told she needed a knee replacement from her doctor. She has been very happy with her progress here and CORE and is no longer a candidate for surgery.

Muffie K.

Services:Performance Training

Muffie is an ultra-marathoner who loves to run, swim, bike and anything else that keeps her active. She is very goal oriented and wants to improve her overall race performance by increasing her strength and endurance.

Movement Screen Scores (a score of 0 represents no movement faults)

  • Initial: 24/50
  • Final (after 12 weeks): 6/50

I am 100% better than before I started therapy. I am free of pain and no longer use medication. The office staff is professional and friendly. I really liked how my therapist explained therapy in detail and explained what every exercise was for and what I would accomplish with the exercise. Recently, I did inform my primary care doctor how happy I was with CORE and thanked him for the referral. I would definitely recommend CORE!  - Sharon S. 

I am so pleased and frankly surprised that after 8 weeks I am free of back and sciatic pain. At my age I can't expect miracles but I'm hopeful that I'll gain more strength and mobility than I've had in previous years by continuing the movement that my therapist's knowledge and analysis are providing. I'm grateful for CORE Strategies!  - Barbara M.

I arrived with numbness and tingling on the side of my left knee and general soreness in both. Physical Therapy has taken all those symptoms away and strengthened my knees to be able to climb stairs without chronic pain. I only wish that I had done Physical Therapy years ago! My therapists were most helpful; I have already recommended CORE Strategies to several people.  - Jane G. 

Denise C.

Services: Physical Therapy

Denise came to CORE Strategies after having a total hip replacement on June 18, 2013. She feels her therapist, Jana "has provided her with the skills to move positively forward with a supportive wellness regimen and she is now back to enjoying her daily rituals of working out."

Joseph F.

Services: Performance Training

Joe fell in love with ballet and modern dance as a teenager and is currently a student at UMKC working towards his degree in Fine Arts. Once he graduates, he hopes to become a professional dancer. 

Movement Screen Scores (a score of 0 represents no movement faults)

  • Initial Score: 15/50
  • Final Score (after 12 weeks): 5/50

I'm beginning to climb the stairs. I feel like I have a much better concept of proper form when doing a variety of activities both exercise related as well as day-to-day. I have increased awareness of body mechanics! I can do Pilate's again!   - Emily H.

The best way to describe why I first came to CORE was the feeling that my left knee, hips and lower back were falling apart. I had been in a cast/boot or crutches on one or the other foot for the majority of 18 months and really needed help. I can now walk up and down the stairs normally, walk/shop, ride in the car for 6 hours, bend over to feed the dogs, assist my disabled husband, sleep better at night, stand at the kitchen sink to wash the dishes and most recently I washed and dried 2 cars!   - Carol J. 

Connie S., DPT, CCRP

Services: Physical Therapy

Connie is a physical therapist who is currently working with canines. She has had recent pain in her arm/shoulder due to working with her patients. She has come to CORE to help relieve her pain while on the job.

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Christi M.

Services: Performance Training

Christi is a mother who loves to run and play with her 3 1/2yo son and can now do it better thanks to CORE! She is also currently training for the Waddell & Reed Marathon.

Movement Screen Scores (a score of 0 represents no movement faults)

  • Initial: 22/50
  • Final (after 12 weeks): 8/50


I actually feel for the first time in around 4 years I have control and a real clear understanding of my body, with the absolute patience and expertise shown to me by my therapist. I feel I am moving my body more easily now and feel less pain because of being trained to engage the correct muscles after years of incorrect movements. Eternally grateful for getting me back on track to a pain free and stronger body. Now I can look forward to enjoying every day!   
- Veronica K. 

The strength in my legs has improved by working on the equipment at CORE and knowledge of my therapist. The exercises suggested that I do at home have also helped to strengthen my legs and has helped with balance. When I first started my therapy, walking with a walker was difficult. Now with the proper instruction on the use of the walker and strength of my legs, I walk with better posture and for a longer distance with less weight placed on the walker. The therapists explained during the exercises what muscles we are trying to strengthen in order to get the results I need to become more independent. There are many types of equipment used at CORE develop balance. I have advanced to these more complex balancing procedures because of the strengthening of my legs and the patience of my therapist. This has also allowed me to use a cane in my home.  - Virginia M. 

I would give 10 stars to CORE regarding my experience with them. My therapist was so knowledgable and explained the exercises in layman's language so I could understand them. The problem/pain I came in with no longer exists. I highly recommend CORE to anyone with a need. - Martha B.