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How Determination and Thinking Outside the Box Created an Olympic Skier

January 23, 2014 1:47pm | CORE PT & MC | by CORE Movement Specialists



"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein 


After reading the New York Times article about Olympic Slalom Skier Mikaela Shiffrin, you will understand why Albert Einstein’s definition of Insanity makes so much sense. This article talks about the upbringing of Mikaela and how at 17 years old, she became the youngest World Champion skier.


The burning question everyone wants to know is how Mikaela got to be so good so early. Was she pushed into the sport? Did she train 24/7 since the age of 2? The answer is no. Mikaela grew up just like everyone else. While of course, Mikaela has a lot of natural born talent for the sport, that isn’t the only thing that got her to the Olympics. There was another piece of the puzzle and that was diversifying her activities and not doing too much of one thing. Her parents insisted on “keeping a light race schedule for their children as they loaded up on practice days filled with deliberate, skills-based drills and exercises.”  She also learned good work ethic through “shovel(ing) cow manure for weeks…when we were replacing our lawn one summer.”  Mikaela also spent her free time playing soccer, tennis and even learned to ride a unicycle while juggling during her free time. “So she’s a good ski racer because she did all kinds of different developmental things.”


This is exactly what CORE believes in! While every athlete needs strength and technique coaching, they also need balance, stability and coordination training as well. By diversifying the activities that you do and bringing in exercises that challenge your core control under a variety of settings you can enhance your performance in a short amount of time. Fortunately, you don’t have to take up unicycling or juggling like Mikaela did in order to get this type of training. CORE’s whole philosophy of training is based on identifying your “weak links” via The Performance Matrix platform and then targeting the specific stability muscles and conditions you need to train to eliminate your “weak links.”  We take traditional training regimes to the next level with a comprehensive, multifactorial, total body approach.  Athletes become so focused on power and speed that they forget about the other pieces of the puzzle. Mikaela is a great example of an all-around athlete who could probably kick our butts at any sport!


CORE will be following Mikaela throughout the Olympics and we are excited to see her excel. We also commend her parents for thinking outside the box when it comes to training a world class athlete.


Go For The Gold Mikaela!!!

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