Introducing- CORE PT Power Tribe!

 At CORE PT, we strive to empower individuals to optimize their overall health and physical wellbeing.  That’s why we’re building a community space for you to connect with us and with each other.  We’re calling this space CORE PT Power Tribe because we believe the first step in any physical transformation is to own the “POWER” that lies within you.

In our CORE PT Power Tribe Facebook community, you can connect with other CORE PT clients working at many levels of rehabilitation and clients who are out living the active life they envisioned for themselves.  We will list events that you can participate in with your CORE PT Tribe and family.  Our community board is always open for topics and discussions.  We encourage you to connect with each other.

Interested in joining the CORE PT Power Tribe?  Contact us!  Let’s create active lives together.