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Work Smarter Not Harder

November 12, 2014 4:45p | CORE PT & MC | by CORE Movement Specialists


October is the best month for baseball fans and Physical Therapists.  MLB postseason is here and it’s National Physical Therapy month.  Physical therapists play a critical role rehabilitating and preventing injuries in all professional sports.  In July 2013 Kansas passed Patient Self- Referral legislation allowing you to access a Kansas Physical Therapist without physician referral.  You can now directly access care like the pros; early intervention speeds recovery time and prevention is better than a cure.


Healthcare costs are shifting to the consumer with higher deductibles, copays, and stricter therapy caps.  It’s imperative that consumers get savvy and “Work Smarter Not Harder.”  Here are 3 simple tips to get the most for your money and lead a healthy active life. 


1)      Don’t ignore symptoms.  Symptoms such as shoulder pain with lifting, or tightness in a muscle when running cost more to treat the longer you ignore them.  Muscle imbalances increase your risk for injury and can be present even in the absence of pain.  Recognize early warning signs like aching, stiffness, a need to modify your activity, or a need for anti-inflammatories.  Stop the cycle before it becomes serious.


2)      Take control.  Physical therapists are the provider of choice for treating and preventing injuries.  We maximize your muscle control and we educate you on how to manage your long-term movement health without depending on passive strategies that only mask the problem.  Our active approach puts you in the driver’s seat of your health.  At CORE, we use The Performance Matrix to help our clients achieve ideal movement efficiency, decrease injury risk, and enhance performance.


3)      The choice is yours.  You aren’t tied to any one network when selecting a physical therapy provider.  Ask friends and family for recommendations.  Get savvy as everything from physical therapists with professional degrees to individuals with 6-week online certifications use exercise.   Not all professions are equally qualified and even within one profession vast skill differences exist.  The most convenient or cheapest services may not be the best.  They could even do more harm than good.  Passive interventions may not be the best long-term investment as they often fail to change how your brain and body move.  It’s not simply “feeling the burn” as the intensity of your workout doesn’t determine its effectiveness at decreasing your injury risk.  Choose a provider that understands your unique needs, your history, and your goals to help you make the best decisions.  Expect results!  If despite your efforts you’re experiencing recurring pain, activity limitations, or you’re stuck at a plateau, you may simply need to find a new provider.


We care about your long-term movement health.  So whether you’re a youth pitcher with dreams of playing in the World Series or a weekend warrior looking to log a few more miles, we urge you to be a savvy consumer when it comes to your current and future health.  Focus on how you can “Work Smarter Not Harder.”     

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